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 Are You a Graduate of Quantum University Health Coach Programs? 

If you have completed a Health Coach program at Quantum University, you could benefit from exploring ANMCB's Specialty Health Coach titles to validate and enhance your credentials. The American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB) provides a range of Specialty Health Coach titles to distinguish you in the field. ANMCB's specialty titles can help you stand out as a skilled and knowledgeable Health Coach, and can demonstrate your commitment to continued education and professional growth.


  • Board Certified Herbalist Health Coach, BCHHC

  • Board Certified Exponential Health Coach, BCEHC

  • Board Certified Biofield Technology Health Coach, BCBTHC

  • Board Certified Pro-Consciousness Meditation Health Coach, BCPCMHC

  • Board Certified Creative Healthcare Health Coach, BCCHHC

Applicants qualified to be designated as these Specialty Certifications must meet the following requirements:

  1. Graduation from Quantum University Health Coach Program, the exam will be waived

  2. Submission of application and official transcripts

  3. Annual Renewal requires 20 CEUs and renewal fee $150

  4. Special Limited Time Application Fee $300 A $295 savings! Offer Through July 31, 2023

  5. Includes Admission to ANMA 42nd Convention & Educational Seminar August 2023*- A $100 Savings!

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